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Posted on March 5th, 2013

Full-Time Hourly | INdiana Governor’s Summer Internship(s): Marketing Outreach Research | Team White River State Park!


Position Title | Department:  Marketing Outreach Research INtern | Marketing Outreach Research TEAM

Reports:  Various Agency Staff

Pay | Benefits:  $ 11.30 per hour (Full-Time Hourly)No State of INdiana benefits

Purpose of Position:

This position serves as a Governor’s Summer INtern (with a total of four INterns learning and working as a TEAM) with the White River State Park Commission, assisting with marketing, outreach, and research.  This position works closely with Park’s Staff and other key stakeholders to develop and perform visitor enhancement initiatives that achieve stated objectives.

  • Represent White River State Park through internal and external marketing and public relation outreach events (especially holiday/seasonal festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events, community gatherings, etc.).
  • Provide knowledgeable leadership skills to drive overall Park awareness and assist Staff to increase multiple public visitation opportunities for the general public.
  • Due to the cycle of the events and grassroots outreach initiatives, long weeks and long hours WILL happen during the INternship.  Expectations are set high for Team WRSP.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Park’s Staff with the marketing and selling of White River State Park Passes to area businesses, community organizations, and other TBD partners throughout Marion and the surrounding Central Indiana counties.
  • Research and assist with creating blogs, media pitches and press releases, establishing strong relationships with media and clients, following industry trends and developments, attending press tours and trade shows (exceeding visitor expectations by generating quality and consistent awareness and follow-up lead programs), and more.
  • Coordinate meetings and research for current and future Park Programming “events” and collaborations with the Park’s staff and initiatives.  Facilitate strategy sessions, brainstorming events, and coordination between internal staff and external partners and vendors.
  • Awareness and implementation of emerging social media channels, networking with agency partners, cultivating new partnerships, and utilizing other TBD technological advancements to raise awareness of the Park and many events and opportunities throughout the year.  This is in addition to the internship season.
  • Accurate research, database maintenance, mailings, and document production.  Requires the ability to organize and negotiate project schedules.  Excel as a member of a TEAM on joint efforts, able to multi-task, and work on several projects at once – both individually and in a TEAM environment.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate with an accredited post-secondary institution.
  • To be considered for this position, candidates must submit a writing sample.  Priority is given to students who include a writing sample with their INITIAL application.  Please attach writing sample prior to completing application (a writing sample may include a relevant school project or suggested marketing ideas for the White River State Park).  More INfo at http://www.in.gov/spd/files/quickstepguide.pdf in terms of accessing the State of INdiana’s career portal.
  • To be considered for this position, you must be enrolled currently in an accredited college or university AND have completed at least two and one half (2.5) years of college-level education credits.  Example: If 120 credits are required for an undergraduate degree, then candidates must have completed at least 75 credits for consideration.  No minimum credit requirement for graduate degree candidates.  Priority is given to candidates that have completed at least three (3) to three and one half (3.5) years of college-level education credits.  Example: If 120 credits are required for an undergraduate degree, then candidates must have completed at least 90 to 105 credits for consideration.  No minimum credit requirement for graduate degree candidates.
  • Additional qualifications include a pursuit of a Bachelors degree (or other advanced degree) in Communications, Journalism, English, Marketing, Business, Finance, Economics, Public Policy, Event Management, Informatics, Tourism Event Management, Park and Recreation Management, Sport Marketing/Management/Communication, and/or Computer Technologies.
  • Also students must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and computer experiences (Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access, Marketing and Creative Design, Internet Applications, and Social Media.  A sense of urgency and the ability to achieve accuracy with sound judgment are desired.
  • Students must reveal a minimum of two (2) years of marketing experience (college courses are suitable exceptions)AND a minimum of three (3) years of teamwork responsibilities, AND a minimum of three (3) years experience with general public interactions in a business environment (college courses are suitable for partial requirement at the discretion of the Agency).
  • Students should have some experiences supporting direct sales channels (preferred), some experiences working with outside marketing and media agencies (desired).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the marketing planning process and marketing management process –  especially for the cultural and entertainment business sectors (preferred).
  • Demonstrate people and budget management skills (required).
  • Demonstrate creativity – including internal and external marketing materials creation (desired).
  • Demonstrate project management skills to develop and execute multiple projects simultaneously to meet overlapping deadlines (required).
  • Demonstrate ability to thrive in a challenging and fun environment with many unknowns and changing objectives (required).
  • Demonstrate above average organizational/problem-solving/decision-making skills (required).
  • Demonstrate creative and strategic thinking (required).
  • Demonstrate ability to work independently as much as necessary – even without guidance from Agency Staff at times (required).
  • Other knowledge of the Indianapolis and tourism sector (preferred).

Additional Comments:

  • Moderate to heavy travel outside of the “office” setting is necessary and required.
  • Reliable transportation (required).
  • Please note overall much more time is required outside (in various weather conditions and for long periods of time) than a typical “office” setting.
  • INterns are required to spend majority of time interacting with the public instead of inside making copies and filing paperwork.  INterns are responsible to meet with pre-scheduled appointment AND spur-of-the-moment grassroots geurilla marketing and outreach.
  • Other duties are assigned as necessary.

Please click here to view our full listing via INdiana State Personnel Department’s (IN SPD) career job portal.

  • You will need to ENTER white river state park park after the “Keywords(field).
  • Then SELECT Anytime in the drop-down menu after the “Posted:” (field).
  • Then CLICK the “Search(button) for the posting to populate.
  • Then CLICK on the Governor’s Summer Intern – White River State Park – Marketing & Research text link under the “Posting Title” column to proceed.

Once completed the above steps, feel free to click here to e-mail your resume AND writing sample(s).

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White River State Park (Development Commission) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.