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White River State Park Underground Parking Garage

ENTRANCE:  Between 500 West Washington Street ( Eiteljorg Museum ) and 650 West Washington Street ( IMAX® Theater and Indiana State Museum )
PHONE:  317-234-0231 ( IDOA Office 317-234-1536 ) ( Garage Booth 317-233-4887 )


White River State Park Surface South Parking Lot

ENTRANCE:  Intersection of West Washington Street ( near WRSP Visitor’s Center ) and Schumacher Way ( near Victory Field )

PHONE:  317-234-0231 ( IDOA Office 317-234-1536 ) ( Garage Booth 317-233-4887 )


Standard Rates * | Monthly Rates ( Limited number of available spaces ) *
Up to 3 hours $   3.00
Up to 6 Hours $   7.00
Up to 9 Hours $ 12.00
Up to 24 Hours $ 20.00


* Standard Rates include tax.  Rates updated as of July 2015 and subject to change.  Special Events rates vary by Event.


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Monthly Parking is available at the White River State Park Underground Parking Garage location.  Get convenient monthly parking in the heart of Indianapolis and White River State Park.


MONTHLY PARKING Rates:  Starting from $ 80.00  |  Availability and pricing are subject to change without notice.


Please click here or the following text link below to see availability and current rates for WRSP’s Underground Parking Garage.




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AFTER HOURS PARKING:  Garage Gates, South Lot, and PARKING RATES are 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS A WEEK for all White River State Park locations.

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You will need a Credit Card or Debit Card to pay for parking and exit the Garage after our Parking Ambassadors have left for the day.  Cash is not accepted at the Pay-In-Lane kiosk in the Garage.  The kiosk is located at the main entrance into the Garage ( off West Washington Street ).

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Please note the rear access entrance and exit Garage Gates ( near our Eiteljorg Museum when inside the Garage ) will remain down and will not have our Parking Ambassadors in the booth after hours.

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You may pay with Credit ( or Debit ) Cards and Cash at the two ( 2 ) Pay Stations in the outdoor surface South Parking Lot.  You will enter your license plate number into the Pay Station to process and pay for a valid parking voucher.  Then place the voucher on your dashboard in clear view.  Parking Rates are 24 hours / 7 days a week in the Lot.  Access in the Lot is a one-way IN and one-way OUT.  Please drive safe and follow the one-way route.  As a suggestion, please store valuables out of sight, in a secure location, or take valuables with you.  Also all buses ( school, tour, limo, etc. ), large vehicles, box trucks, motor homes, vehicles with trailers, etc. must contact Parking Management in advance to purchase first-come first-serve parking options and/or validation ( when space is available ).  Parking in a bus lane is not allowed without prior approval and/or payment in advance.

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Hours of Operation: 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS A WEEK

Indoors / Outdoors:


Indoors ( Garage ) / Outdoors ( South Lot )


Payments Accepted:


American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Cash ( Only when Parking Ambassadors are onsite )


Service Type:



Motorcycles Allowed:         No

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Buses, Large Vehicles, Box Trucks, Motor Homes, Vehicles with Trailers, etc.:          TBD as visitors must contact Parking Management in advance for options ( when space is available )

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