Attraction Overview

by Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgieades — Stoughton, Wisconsin

PLENTY is based in the form of a cornucopia, an image that is often used historically in art in conjunction with a profusion of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and other edible material.  It seems like an appropriate image to convey all that is best about the Midwest — both in terms of the community and landscape.  Built from salvaged barn woods, the piece is iconic, visually beautiful and connected to the agricultural past as well as forward-looking to include current thoughts about food production.  It is large enough to contain both ideas and people.  The conceptual underpinnings of the sculpture have to do with the rewards for the extremely hard work and dedication necessary for agricultural world and rural life — not just the food products that sustain us, but the sense of camaraderie and connection.  It is a reminder of the “culture” part of “agriculture.”  $ TBD