Attraction Overview

by Jarrett K. Hawkins — Deer Park, Ohio

Linear V is based on natural process — natural mechanics of human vision as demonstrated through line and pattern, figure and ground.  This artistic approach simulates processes in the larger natural world, such as the shapes created by erosion or the meandering of a river.  Linear V takes full advantage of its three dimensionality, changing with every viewpoint and by changes in lighting and weather conditions throughout the day.  The artist began his career as a stone sculptor in the 1970s, followed by a career building custom cabinetry and furniture.  In the 1980s, he pursued a long-time interest in bronze casting and began his own multi-media studio.  Hawkins & Hawkins Custom, an in-house production studio, is equipped with a full foundry, metalworking shop, woodworking facility, and stone yard.  Check-in and visit here for more artist information.